There’s a line in Harry Potter “Their invisibility cloak didn’t stop them making any noise, and there was a particularly tense moment when Ron stubbed his toe only yards from where Snape stood guard. Thankfully, Snape sneezed at almost exactly the moment Ron swore.” It’s when they go out to see Hagrid after Hermione is attacked in Chamber of Secrets. I’ve only just seen it and I thought I’d share it with you.



Every second word out of Ron’s mouth is a swear word and that’s a fact

I would also like to point out that Ron does “ a rude gesture with his hands” in several situations throughout the whole series

Now i can only assume that the rude gesture was a middle finger not a half-assed wave

So yeah ron has sailor’s mouth and i love it !!!

It was either the middle finger or the two fingered salute. For non-Brits, that’s this (as expertly demonstrated by Gary Barlow of Take That): 

It’s a offensive hand gesture used almost exclusively in the UK. Legend has it that the gesture’s origins date back to the Battle of Agincourt. 

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