You see this? This is an Age Line. Dumbledore drew it himself.

Hermione conveying so much more chemistry with the twins in one moment than she did with Ron in all eight films — 

I love this scene! She is confused and amused!

No freakin’ duh; these films (aside from OOTP) were written by someone who had a bias against Ron, and avoided Ron/Hermione moments whenever possible. Steve Kloves (the screen-writer for all the HP films except the fifth) referred to Hermione as his favourite character, and seemed dismissive of Ron and the Ron/Hermione pairing whenever he talked about them. 

If you look at the behind-the-scenes footage, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint had really good chemistry together. And that was the case throughout virtually the entire series; it’s just that we rarely got to see it on-screen (aside from OOTP which, as I’ve already mentioned, was written by a different screen-writer than the other films). That potential was wasted simply because the screen-writer had little interest in Ron as a character or Ron/Hermione as a pairing. 

Sorry if I hijacked your post, but this always bugged me about the films. 

@proudbadgerandotherthings commented 

‘I also see that maybe Emma had a crush on Dan during filming or they had really good chemistry as well I think that’s one of the many potential reason for why Kloves and the directors went that that…  Bl**dy Kloves’

It’s not very likely. Daniel Radcliffe did have a brief crush on Emma Watson during the first couple of films (as did much of the young male cast aside from Felton), but Emma’s always said that she considered him to be like a brother to her (and he’s said the same thing in recent years). They do have good chemistry in the films, although definitely more familial than anything-else, despite what Kloves tried to do with their characters. Their IRL relationship reflected their characters’ relationship as that of siblings. 

Having said that, Emma has also said she considered Rupert Grint to be like her brother, despite there being a lot of evidence to suggest that she had a crush on Rupert during the production of the last four films (check out my ‘everyone fancies Rupert Grint’ tag for more posts about it). We may never know the full story of what went on. 

I don’t think Kloves used Dan and Emma’s chemistry as an excuse for film-only not-quite-platonic scenes between their characters. The screen-writer clearly had a bias against Ron Weasley and the Ron/Hermione relationship. Even though Dan and Emma’s chemistry was like that of siblings (as their characters’ chemistry was), Kloves still pushed their characters into not-quite-platonic scenes at the expense of developing the Ron/Hermione relationship (which Rupert and Emma could have easily delivered on, as was shown in OOTP). 

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