As someone who was forced to watch this shit-ass movie by @inferiorrodan I have been waiting for this.

hi we tried to plug perceived holes but actually made things worse: the movie

Do people not like…enjoy things now? Like… just… watch, enjoy, and move on guys. Or like…watch, hate it, and move on. It’s a movie.

You…you know film critique has been around for a while now, yeah? It’s not like she’s cinema sins or something. Movies require a lot of effort to make. Why shouldn’t folks talk about them?

You can learn how to tell stories by analyzing pre-existing ones, especially ones that don’t work for you.  Figuring out why a story failed to work can be incredibly enlightening.  That’s why I really like this video – it doesn’t just say “The new Beauty and the Beast sucks!”, but explores what choices it made, why those choices were made, and how they affected the end product, especially since that end product is technically very close to a story the reviewer loves – i.e. the 90′s cartoon Beauty and the Beast.  Figuring out how a bunch of seemingly small changes can create a very different story is enlightening.

There is a difference between nitpicking and actual critique.  The former is spiteful – the late is useful.

I don’t understand… other than Emna Watson’s sing talking, what was so bad about the movie? I found it really good!

There’s a very good video on youtube that explains what problems there were in the movie.  Would you like to see it?

I’m using ‘thanks; I hate it!’ as an everyday saying now. Thank you, Lindsay!

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