I would have liked to see a few more positive interactions between Ron and Ginny. I always thought they must have been close growing up, being the youngest and so close in age, but it seems most of their direct interactions are kind of negative. I also would have liked to see Hermione and Ginny interact more. All of that seemed to happen mostly off-page, but we know they were close.


Ron and Ginny were fairly close during the first five books. It’s never really explained why their relationship went sour, but I think JK Rowling used Ginny in HBP to kick Ron’s self-esteem into the dirt. Which is weird, considering how close their relationship was up til that point. Sure, before that, they bickered a little, but in HBP, Ginny seems to take genuine pleasure in taking potshots at Ron’s insecurities (often in front of the person Ron was in love with; something Ron never did when Ginny was crushing on Harry). 

@jaggedjaguy Reverse psychology? How is Ginny taking potshots at Ron’s insecurities ‘reverse psychology’? Yes, Ron could be over-protective at times, but that’s hardly surprising considering she almost died in her first year. It’s understandable that she got tired of how protective he was, but she didn’t have to publicly insult him so often for no apparent reason. That’s just punishing him beyond his crime. Also, I’m pretty sure he never referred to her as his ‘baby sister’. 

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