Oh wow!

I just got this ‘review’ on ff.net regarding my Won Won the Wonderful story, and boy oh boy…..

“Will the story is interesting , the idea is wrong . Ron is a berk who after he accepted Hermione invitation at slughorn party he trow himself in lavender arms only to hurt hermione because she kissed or was kissed by krum 2 years ago after a ball he did everthing he could to ruin for hermione . Ron is an imature , jelous git with the emotional range of a teaspon who never deserved hermione after he treat her trough the 7 books .

  my response:

“Dude… Wow, no. I just… Like, you can debate whether Ron dated Lavender purely to make Hermione jealous or not- that’s never clearly outlined in the books and is left to interpretation- but to say he ‘did everything he could to ruin the ball for Hermione’, that he’s nothing more than a ‘jelous git’, ‘never deserved Hermione’ and act as if he treated her poorly throughout the books? Naw.

You don’t understand the character of Ron at all, the dynamics of Romione, or Hermione. I don’t even have the wherewithal to debate this comment right now. I’ll just say:
1) He engages Hermione when others will not (she’s argumentative an ignored by almost everyone)
2) he is more than deserving of Hermione- because he’s brave, self-sacrificing, kind, caring, funny, smart and makes her happy/grounds her
3) he’s one of the most emotionally interesting characters in the books with a lot more nuance than you are giving him credit for
4) Ron is an amazing character who deserves respect” 


Anons are weird, @hillnerd. I once got an anon comment on a Ron fanfic that said (and I quote) ‘Ron Weasley is the Donald Trump of the Harry Potter universe’. Some people just like spewing hate. 

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