Please help donate to my indigenous activist friend who is currently battling Cancer. she’s not only trying to cover her medical bills, but also building a movement to fight against the medical atrocities and neglect that other indigenous women/woc and working class women in New Orleans are facing. Please share her story ❤️

As of November 26th, 2018, she has only raised $3,444 of the $15k needed. Please consider donating, or at least sharing this post.






PLEASE HELP ME SURVIVE! I’m literally just trying to stay alive y’all, this is all I have!!!

My name is Yves, I’m a trans guy, and I have severe PTSD, and am chronically ill (rare blood clotting disease, and an autoimmune deficiency disorder), I’ve had multiple MAJOR surgeries that have resulted in complications, I suffer with severe chronic pain, I’m also disabled, and because of all of this I NEED my medication to survive. I’m NOT getting the medical treatment I need and have limited access already. My health is failing and it’s taking an irreversible toll on my body. In short, I’m trying NOT TO DIE (Read my gofundme me for more in-depth information about how scary this is)

I’m trying to move to Colorado to escape (my abuser and stalker that I have a really traumatic history with. Violence and including assaults) I’m stuck in my hometown right now in northern MN. Where I’m at right now IS NOT safe for me and I need to leave..My friend in Colorado has a place that I can move into ASAP, I just need first and last months rent. I have to move this month or she has to find a different roommate because of her own financial situation, so this is my one lucky chance!! I NEED to move to Colorado for better access to health care, and for my own safety.. This is VITAL for my health (mentally and physically).

I appreciate anything and everything! If half of you donated I’d be okay. If you consider yourself an ally to trans ppl, disabled ppl, chronically ill ppl, SW’s, Survivors, indigenous ppl, please donate or boost this!!

If you have any respectful questions, I’d be happy to answer them for you.

Venmo is – Yves-ORage

If you donate, please message me so I could an thank you personally!!

Thank you, truly, for helping me in such a dark time.






Hey there, just throwing out the fact that I am in a very abusive situation that has made it impossible to live at home, so much so that I am actually going to have to move from NY to Seattle.

I have no access to the little money I have in the bank because of my parents regularly interfere with my bank account and there is also the fact that they stole my debit card.

I am not able to get a legal job due to both my deteriorating mental health and lack of government identification (for it was taken by parents and I am unable to locate it.)

I usually rely on sex work to get by, however, I guess the client I could call my SD, a man who has abused me from a young age, has threatened me into marrying him and refuses to pay his ‘fiancé’ for sex. We are ‘engaged.’

I would usually look for new clients, however, since this man proposed to me, he is strict and controlling when it comes to who I can do business with, which is really no one but him. I am no longer ‘allowed’ to sleep with others. He lives very close so I am afraid he will notice if I go out with a new client. That fear has kept me from reaching out to other men and, by proxy, getting paid for escort work.

I have simply got a paid, one way ticket to Seattle for February 10th and around $9.00 in quarters hidden away in an eyeglasses case somewhere so I would be so grateful if you could help in any way to get me out of this abusive situation and to safety, so that I could get away from an abusive household and an abuser of six years who plans to marry me.

If I have to stay here in New York, where I am constantly unsafe, I am unsure what I will do. I am begging you for help.

Any donations would be essentially money to fund my survival in Seattle, such as food costs, surprise fees, money for necessities like contact lenses and other medical items and just money to rely on in case I run into an emergency. It would put me at ease.

My PayPal:
I cannot stress the fact that anything could help me right now.

Thank you very much.

Hi, I currently have around $34.00 ($13.00 of that were from this donations post) to my name, disregarding the $25.00 I must pay to take along a checked bag and my flight is in just four days.

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help out a little. Having money in the case of an emergency or accident would be very comforting, and I could use some stability, seeing as I am leaving 80% of my belongings on the opposite coast of America.

That moment when…


…you log onto Tumblr for the first time all day to find your notifications are blowing up because an old post of yours was reblogged a few times and, incidentally, flared up a mini-debate (if you can even call it that), which you had no intention of having.

Side note/Note to self: Even when you try to be clearer than clear, and even if you work extra hard to be gentle and non-confrontational in your posts and make as many points to try to explain your feelings on something, eventually to the point of overcommunicating?

People will still get it wrong. People will still get butthurt. You will feel like you shouldn’t say anything at all.

Whatever, y’all. I’m busy trying not to literally choke on toxic fumes from a massive fire that has destroyed an entire city and left over 1,000 people missing in California. So, if you think I’m a jerk or overly sensitive, so be it. I personally don’t have an issue with anyone and have zero desire to try and prove myself or my thoughts beyond what was written previously.

Now, I’m going back to my hole in the ground to write Romione fanfics and hopefully avoid the smoke that’s strangling my CA skies, literally making them the worst in the world

PS If you want to help the survivors of the Paradise, CA Camp Fire, take a look here







My gf Kenzie and I are 2 months late on our share of the rent, which puts us $800 in debt. So we’re now being evicted with no place to go. We’re gonna attempt to hitchhike from Indiana to her grandma’s house in Schenectady, NY. I’m not asking for help with the rent, I want to handle that part on my own once I find a job. What we need most is money for food, water, and transportation for finding employment once we get there. If you’re not able to donate, you can still help by reblogging this post as often as you can! Pray for us, we really need it! Thank you for reading.



💙 PayPal:


Another way you could help is considering buying from her online storenvy !!!!!!💜💲💳

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Still in need of donations… Don’t stop boosting, please ♥️

Anything helps

Can we get this attention again please??